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10 Benefits of vitamin C

Do you know what are the benefits of vitamin C to your body, health, and appearance? This and more we will learn about in the next article.

Benefits of vitamin C.
There are a group of reasons that highlight the benefits of Vitamin C, especially taking it as a supplement, including:

1- Fighting influenza and colds

Vitamin C is effective in preventing colds and flu and also in treating them, and many people testify to that, and the vast majority of studies support this position.
It all depends on the dose, which should be high enough for treatment or flu prevention.

2- Treating viral diseases

Vitamin C cures most viral diseases when used properly, for example, Dr. Friedrich Kellner has documented 60 cases of polio, which he treated with injections containing vitamin C.

The recovery was complete, and there was no muscle damage in any of these children.
Giving vitamin C to children before and after receiving the vaccine protects them from the potential harm of the vaccine itself, and children who receive an adequate daily dose of this vitamin are less likely to have viral diseases that are vaccinated against them.

3- Reducing cholesterol

Vitamin C lowers cholesterol levels, and cholesterol is a necessary substance for the body, and according to the molecular correction approach, the cholesterol level increases when the body needs it.

Vitamin C works to eliminate the body’s need for high cholesterol in the blood.

4- Promote eye health

Vitamin C is present in a high concentration in all parts of the eye, and this indicates that the eyes need it. Taking vitamin C effectively and quickly reduces high eye pressure, and prevents glaucoma.

Taking vitamin C may also prevent cataracts, and it works in conjunction with vitamin E to prevent diabetes damage to the retina.

5- Protection from the stress of life

The highest concentration of vitamin C in the body is in the adrenal glands, as it prevents the erosion of the strength of dealing with the stresses of life.

6- Protection from environmental toxins

Vitamin C works for:

Neutralizes or reduces damage from a wide range of environmental toxins, including gasoline, pesticides, nicotine, nitrates, radiation, and heavy metals.
Reduces the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol.
Today, we need more vitamin C than in the past, due to the abundance of toxins in our modern environment.

7- Protect the heart and circulatory system

When there are high levels of vitamin C in the blood, the initial process of atherosclerosis can be avoided, and a combination of vitamin C and the amino acid lysine can reduce plaque deposits.

This process eases those who suffer from angina, usually within ten days to a month.

8- Collagen production

Vitamin C produces collagen, the body’s connective protein, and is, therefore, necessary for the health of connective tissues, such as skin, bones, tendons, gums, and blood vessels.

Because of this feature, vitamin C is essential for wound healing, and therefore should be used as a treatment before and after surgery.

9- Fighting cancer

There are many advantages to vitamin C that protect against cancer.

10- General positive effect

Vitamin C appears to be the most important drug among the existing drugs. Almost no disease can not affect it positively, but the important thing is the appropriate dose.

How do we get vitamin C?

Before getting into the benefits of Vitamin C we start first, with the question that arises – is it better to take vitamin C supplements? Or is it sufficient to depend on the amount of vitamin C obtained from eating fruits and vegetables?

The answer to this question is clear: it is almost impossible to get enough vitamin C from nutrients.

A human is a mammal that does not produce this vitamin due to a genetic mutation, while other mammals produce vitamin C in their bodies in an amount of 40-300 mg per kilogram of body weight, and a person does not produce even one milligram of it.

From here, we conclude that a person who weighs 70 kg needs at least 2,800 mg of vitamin C per day, even a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, provides only 10% of this amount.

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