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An Introduction to the Wonderful Island of MOROCCO

Morocco, a North African nation bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys a unique geographical blend with its Mediterranean, Arabian, and African cultural influences. Marrakesh, the capital city, is renowned for its Moroccan jewelry, ceramics, and other crafts. The coastal city of Rabat, the largest city in Morocco, boasts an impressive Islamic fortress. The souk, or marketplace, of Rabat, sells everything from seafood to clothing to mechanical equipment and souvenirs.


Moroccans enjoy the beauty of their country’s landscape in all seasons. The arid and mountainous areas of eastern Morocco are perfect for arboretum activities. Tourists can go horseback riding on the dunes, go camping on the dunes or even take pleasure in diving in the lagoons. An atlas map of Morocco provides tourists with details of each location. A walk on the sand dunes during the winter is enjoyed by many people.

Ouarzazate is a popular tourist destination in Morocco. The coastline of Ouarzazate is marked by a long promenade, where tourists can relax by sunbathing and strolling on the beach. One of the most popular beaches in Ouarzazate is Plage Sur des Barbours, which has a stretch of beautiful white sand beach. Plage Sur des Barbours is also a great place for swimming and for surfing.

Another well-known Morocco vacation spot is the desert of the Sahara. The Sahara Desert covers almost an area of Morocco and is home to a variety of wildlife including the big five. While here, visitors can go for a camel safari, trek to the top of Mount Damache, take part in the camel breeding and camel riding sport, or just lie down in the sandy desert and enjoy the heat. All these sports are available near the town of Sidi Aomar Old Bey Maadi.

For those who love water, then there are plenty of Morocco beaches and resorts where one can swim and sunbathe on the day away. The Dead Sea is known for its salt content and is very popular with tourists who want to experience a saltwater environment. There are various hotels and resorts that offer luxurious Morocco vacations.

One of the major attractions in Morocco is the town of Agadir town which is on the Mediterranean coast. This town is home to many tourists who come for a long holiday or who want to spend a few weeks relaxing in the cool shade of a swimming pool. One of the best Morocco resorts is Sidi Aomar Old Bey Maadi, which is known for its warm and comfortable atmosphere as well as for some excellent outdoor swimming beaches. The outdoor swimming pools of this resort features many lounge chairs that allow you to relax. One of the outdoor swimming pools at the resort features a unique water feature that is said to attract birds.

While you are on your Morocco vacation, it is important to make sure that you have a good place to stay. The town of Asilah is best known for being a cheap option but it also offers some really nice resorts and apartments. Another good option is Fes, which offers visitors a beach vacation that is not too expensive. For those that prefer peace and quiet, then you will not want to miss out on the countryside surrounding Asilah town and you will be able to enjoy a romantic sunset walk along the sand dunes by the coast of Ait Benhaddou.

One of the best things about traveling to Morocco on a holiday is that you can use the beautiful beaches to enjoy yourself as much as possible. For those that like to explore the local seaside resorts then there are some truly spectacular ones to choose from. Two of the popular seaside resorts in Morocco that many holidaymakers enjoy staying in are our Sidi Aomar Old Bey Maadi and Asilah. These two resorts have some really fantastic villas and apartments that are surrounded by white sandy beaches that are perfect for holidaymakers to spend their relaxing vacations.

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