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Chartering Sailing Yachts in Thailand

Chartering sailing yachts in Thailand is a great way to enjoy the waters of this country. You will be able to travel on the Andaman Sea as well as in Phang Nga Bay. Located in these waters are some fantastic islands for you to explore and discover. The true secret to having an unforgettable experience while sailing yachts in Thailand, is to go scuba diving, and see the underwater world that is waiting to be explored. You will definitely want to go down more than once to enjoy the things that dwell in the depths of these waters.

While on the trip around Thailand you will need to sail yachts in Phuket on a sunset tour. The day trips that are offered when chartering yachts in Phuket are amazing and they will take you to see some of the most wonderful sites you can imagine. These day trips cannot hold a candle to the sunset excursions on the waterways of the Andaman Sea though. Something about being on a boat after sunset makes the trip exciting and adventurous. You also will see things in a different way than you do in the harsh light of day. After the sun has set everything appears a little softer and a little more mysterious.

It is recommended that even if you like bareboat sailing charters you book at least one trip that will have a skipper to guide you to some of the most wonderful locations in Phuket. The local skippers know the greatest places to take their passengers for lunch and they know the places where the finest food can be eaten.

If you take a chartered sail you may take too much time on the waterways of Andaman and Phang Nga Bay as it is a very busy place full of boats. You may not have enough time to take a trip around the bay if you only have a sail with you.

It is recommended that you take a trained professional when sailing through the Andaman Sea. If you are not interested in sailing you can still enjoy the pleasures of the sea without the danger of sailing. You will just need a guide to show you the most interesting places in Phuket. The places he or she will take you to will be arranged in a way that they are not only within the parameters of the boat but also nearby for you to enjoy.

One of the most interesting places to take a boat trip is to the Ta Kan Caves. Besides being interesting because of their sheer size, the caves are also very exciting because of their shapes and other structures similar to the ones on the inside of a real temple. The main attraction of the Ta Kan Caves is of course the 24-meter high Ferris wheel that is also used to give information on the tide. If you are afraid of heights you can always take the cable car instead.

For those who do not want to go to the caves or do not have the time to go there, there are other places to visit in Phuket. One of these is the Wat Chalong or Wat Conti with its wild monkeys. You can be assured that there will be no shortage of monkeys to see. On the other hand, the Wat Chalong has translucent floors where the monkeys can climb onto them. I am not sure how high the walls are but I am told that you can see up to 30 of them.

The Wat Chain is the most historic and the most popular among tourists. For the others, there are some more modern temples. One of them is the Dhammakri Buddha Temple. This temple is on the site of an old monastery and well-preserved structures of buildings. This is a hot temple, even during the winter season. The Dhammakri Buddha Temple is on the site of an old Hindu temple that was destroyed by the invaders. In the Hindu temple, there is a statue of Buddha which is mounted on a high pedestal. You can take a look at the interior of the temple if you are interested.

As you can see, there are so many different places to visit in Phuket. Even if you only have a day or two to stay on this beautiful island, you would be sure to go sightseeing. Do not forget to see the Phuket Aquarium if you are visiting Phuket. Or you can go to the drifted island of Ko Phi Phi to enjoy dinner or a pint of Ben education. Whatever your purpose is to visit Phuket, you will be sure to enjoy your stay!

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