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Create a Beautiful Look With the Fenty Foundation

Create a Beautiful Look With the Fenty Foundation

The Fenty foundation is a lightweight and versatile cosmetics system that offers women a full range of cosmetics and skincare products, including foundations, liquid foundations, mineral foundations, and cheek and lip makeup in seven different light shades. This means that women can create a complete look with one application. There is no need to apply foundation throughout the day, because the system works as a flawless foundation throughout the day, and goes from face to cheek in just minutes.

fenty foundation

The Foundation Brightening Setting Powder contains minerals that offer a natural-looking, sheer shine. This convenient powder instantly boosts the appearance of the complexion, while making the eyes appear brighter. This lightening setting powder contains five shades of creamy, transparent browns and pinks, ranging from a sheer, white to a soft pink. It also contains gold accents and shimmery shades that provide a soft glow. This powder can be used alone or under the eyes. It contains no oil, so it doesn’t clog pores or cause any greasiness.

The Fenty Foundation Brightening Setting Powder contains four customizable travel-sized containers in four different exciting shades. The four containers all contain a shade of your choice, from soft ivory to rich golden. A lid brush comes with the kit to blend the foundation into the skin or use the compact bottle to tap the lid into place. The brightening setting powders can be used by themselves or as a part of the Fenty Foundation. To achieve a natural look and brighten the complexion, blend a small amount into your cupcake foundation.

The Fenty foundation provides medium coverage for a natural look and sheer coverage for an exact skin tone. The neutral, medium-coverage foundation blends well with the skin. When using it with the Fenty Brightening Setting Powder, this foundation provides a beautiful glow, creating a nice contrast with the rosy cheeks and pink undertones.

The Fenty Foundation Brightening Setting Powder can also be utilized as a concealer shade. The light-quick coverage creates a blended look that has a natural appearance. This concealer shade is available in two different tints, a slightly more noticeable gold tint, and a slightly lighter blue tint. The neutral concealer shades help to create a perfect match with almost any skin tone. To create a matte appearance, use the shadow with a damp sponge or cosmetic bag.

The Fenty Foundation offers a natural look like no other. The large, customized containers allow you to create different looks like no other. The easy application system and the high-quality makeup provide a long-lasting, beautifully finished line of cosmetics. The large, personalized kits include everything needed to create and customize your own makeup looks like none other.

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