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How to Apply Sky High Mascara

How to Apply Sky High Mascara

Sky-high mascara is the newest name in black mascara. Long falling lashes are now easier to achieve with Maybelline’s new Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara, volumizing and lengthening mascara. The innovative long-lasting mascara gives full volume and intense Length with a single swipe to make a dramatic, world-class lash effect from any angle. With Maybelline’s exclusive Flex Tower wand to gently curve to the eye’s natural shape to provide the ultimate blackest black color that will not flake or smear. The specially designed, soft wand also lifts and compresses lashes for a dramatic look.

sky high mascara

For the perfect application of this new mascara, use clean and clear water as your makeup container and a clean cotton sponge or eyeliner brush. Prepare your lashes by applying a very thin line of lashes primer. This allows your lashes to have a natural look and helps your makeup to adhere to them. Next, apply two generous coats of mascara in a row at least one coat should be extended or thinned out depending on your desired color and length. You may want to use a back and forth motion to get an even application.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using sky-high mascara. First, never use wet mixtures such as lotions, gel, moisturizers, or makeup on your lashes. It can be difficult to blend the brush and the eyeshadow together. Use one coat on one brush and then blend well with another brush before applying the next coat. Continue applying coats until your lashes are one coat thick.

Another tip when applying sky-high mascara is to always start with a light wand to create a smooth application and to prevent smudging. Begin with the wide part of the wand and slowly twirl it upwards. The thicker bristles will create more separation and will prevent clumping between the eyes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure while twirling the wand; you want to create a gentle movement that will prevent your mascara from curling up or running down your face.

With your full lashes in place, the mascara wand is twirled into the eye to create a smooth transition from upper to lower lashes. Using light and firm strokes, the wand is pushed into the skin around the outside of each eye. The mascara is then pulled out and applied to one side of each eye. For a daytime look, choose a light dusting of mascara along the edge of each eye. For a nighttime look, use a light and simple brush stroke to add a full-fare and defined look to your lashes.

To remove your mascara, you should freeze the wand through each individual lash. The tweezers are made for this purpose, so they are made for twirling. You may find that some of the mascara wand will come off along your lashes when you freeze it through each lash. Then use your pinky finger to push the wand back into your eye where you would like to remove the mascara. Repeat steps two and three for the other eye.

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