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Online Dog Training – How to Train Your Dog With Ease

An essential piece of knowledge to take into account when training your dog is that he’s a pack animal. Take into account the fact that your family is his pack and if you want to successfully train your dog you’ve got to understand pack behavior and dominant tendencies in dogs.

You may have also discovered that sometimes your dog is testing you. He’s trying to test the limits and test out his position in your home. Now that you understand that he’s testing you out, it’s important to know that the best way to handle this particular situation is to simply ignore the dog and his behavior.

This is a behavior that’s natural in all breeds of dogs and it means that your dog is trying to test your demeanor. If you respond to his behavior with hostility, then he’s going to respond with aggression. The same can be said for submissive dogs that want to show you that they’re vulnerable.

The way to effectively deal with this is to use assertive body language.

Doberman pincher

When your dog is starting to test your authority, you must always remember that a number of things are absolutely normal in dog behavior.

A great example is when you come home from work and your dog gets all excited and he relieves himself in the house. In this case, to stop his bathroom “accident” you’ve just got to turn your back on him for a few moments.

Simply ignoring him is a form of punishment that he won’t understand. He doesn’t realize that you’re punishing him for doing something completely normal (pooping in the house) and completely unrelated to the “accident”.

Dogs are pack animals by nature and it’s in their nature to demonstrate their happiness and inner core state of mind with a bowl of food or a full belly.

Stopping your dog’s submissive urination is simply a matter of familiarizing him with different signals that are associated with NOT being submissive.

Here’s what you do: You will need to come up with a word or phrase that you will use EVERY time you’re leaving the house and want him to calm down.

Simply state that you’re leaving the house like “go ahead”, “be quiet”, or even “see you later”, and when you return look like you haven’t left a peep.

It’s very important that you state your arrivals and departures promptly – before he has the chance to pee or poo.

Here’s what to do if you are coming home: Before you even reach your door, your dog has picked up on your submissive greeting and starts rushing to greet you. This takes away the element of surprise for your dog, and more importantly, ensures that he knows that when you return you will greet him not with an enthusiastic “how do you dolls”, but with a cool, calm, “no”.

It will take some practice and time, but with time and repetition, your dog will stop sending out submissive urination signals.

S disciplining your dog is not a waste of time if the discipline is meant to discourage submissive urination. A dog that urinates when he greets people is a dog that needs to be disciplined.

Take your dog to a place where he can urinate, such as a walkout intend for example, and begin giving commands. When he finished, ignore him, showing him that it’s inappropriate behavior.

When you approach your dog, you’ll notice that your submissive urination has already occurred, and it’s because he is excited.

This is why it’s so important to use deliberate behaviors whenever possible.

If you simply hug your dog or restrain him lose” his” limbs”–submissively–you are simply showing that you are submissive to him. He now knows that in order to get his limbs back he must urinate when approached,i.e. when you reach out to him.

When you first begin training him–as soon as you touch him or wake him up–in a non-propriety manner, don’t even acknowledge him, eye to eye, or talk to him.

For example, if you come home and he immediately potties on the floor, ignore him, place him on his bed, and say nothing. Don’t tap him, nothing. Just turn your back, fold your arms, and don’t speak to him.

As soon as you see that he’s trying hard not to pee or poo, say something like “WannaHateUrinatingMoarly?”

His brain right through this submissive urination and he’ll get the point. Do This Each and every time you come through the front door, even when there’s a dog in the back of the house.

In a very short time, your dog will get the idea that he must obey you.

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