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Sad Stories about dogs to make you cry…my dog is blind

6 Sad Stories about dogs to form you cry
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1- my relatives put Poison on my Dog Meal :
he wasn’t just a dog, but a lover, brother, and Family, actually he was everything in my whole life.

People who own a Dog know what I’m mean.

My Mother and Father didn’t like dogs, and that they were keeping him sad all the time, so I kept my dog faraway from them once I wasn’t within the home they weren’t put Food for him or water.

they were trying to kill him slowly or making him sad until I dump him.

So once they found that there’s no point in harassing me, they create an idea to urge obviate him.

my relatives come to our home, and that we spend the day together, I had no idea about what’s Coming.

before we sleep, My Cousin told me that he had got a gift for my Dog, I cheered up that’s the primary time someone within the Family gets a gift for My Dog.

he starts eating the Meal, and after 2 hours, I knew that there’s something wrong.

why he’s very sick? and he’s not Running or Biting me as was common.

I thought that everything is are going to be okay within the morning, but I’m Idiot, really an idiot.

I awakened within the Morning, to Found that there’s a white liquid in his mouth, and his mouth was open and his eyes were very sad, he didn’t awaken me from My Sleep to not bothered me.

they denied what they did to my dog, that’s my dog sad story, I don’t want more dogs in My Life anymore.

2- I used to be blind, My seeing-eye dog also has become blind:

my sad story about my dog looks like Bollywood Movies.

I wasn’t born Blind, but once you add Chemistry, You faces tons of Challenge, I used to be performing on a replacement Project within the laboratory with my Co-worker, until some Chemicals jumped into my Eyes, and that I wasn’t ready to see with my both eyes.

then after I knew that I had to try to make 3 surgery, and it’ll take years until my Eyes return, my brother suggests getting a seeing-eye dog on behalf of me.

although despite My eyes blind, it had been the simplest 2 months in my life, I didn’t know that Dogs is extremely loyal, there was no difference between the dog and therefore the Human.

but things didn’t go as prepared, there’s a tragic story whenever that ruined everything, my seeing-eye dog was barking once I was with him within the Home, but I couldn’t find out what the rationale.

so I open the house Door and Called the neighbor, they tell me that there’s something in his eyes, there was an enormous vein appear in his eyes with red color.

they take us to Veterinarian, and here is that the Shocking New, he had become blind also, that’s my sad story with my lovely Dog.

3- saddest dog story ever told:

We sleep in a villa with a garden, that’s all that thieves wanted in life.

we own a watchdog, to guard us against the thieves or the other thing, within the future”> at some point once I occupation the Garden I found a slice of Meat in the grass.

I take It immediately and returned back to the control cameras, I found that there’s someone we don’t know had thrown it.

sure for one Reason, to Poison my dog, I made something Idiot at the top of this sad story.

We throw to the Garden an equivalent shape of what he had thrown and Waited.

the thieves were though that the dog has eaten it once they saw just bones of the Meat.

then It’s the Time!
they Entered the Villa Garden, and here we go, they Surprised by the God Still live and Run Toward them and biting them from everywhere.

and we caught them and called the Police.

but I forget one thing I didn’t throw away the Poisoned Meat, it had been within the Kitchen, I used to be waiting to check it to ascertain what quite Poison it consists of, I used to be curious.

so once I wasn’t a reception, my brother kids give that slice of meat to the Dog.

he died on an equivalent day and within the Same hour, there’s an identical sad death story here.

4- the boiled water burned my Dog:

don’t ever cook something within the gas range and you’ve got Children or Dogs, I Adopted a Dog 2 weeks ago, unfortunately, I used to be trained enough to measure with a dog, what I mean I don’t the behavior of the dogs.

let’s Jump into my sad dog story, I used to be making something to eat, and My dog was Trained to guard me when I’m yelling.

but it had been the incorrect time of yelling, I touched the plate by mistake and that I start running everywhere…It was Extremely Hot!

My dog Jumped to the gas range and hit it and after a couple of seconds, there have been burns from the Second degree altogether his Face.

I don’t know who is wrong is it me because I didn’t learn him enough or what?

5- They kidnapped my dog:

to our day at 2020/1/10, I can’t Find my Dog.

I was selling my dog on a gaggle from Social Media groups, I’m really sorry but I had problems so I had to sell it asap.

someone talked with me and he was Okay with the worth, I told him where I’m living and everything was Okay.

It’s a stupid thing what I’m done, I reversed my decision, I will be able to keep my Dog despite everything.

but on a subsequent day, I awaken to play with him, he was getting obviate all my anxiety once I just touch him.

but I didn’t find him within the house, he kidnapped and I’m sure.

I report what happened to the Police and that I give all the People in Street a Printed paper with a 5000$ Prize to the one who will Found him.

but there’s no excellent news until now!

6 – sad dog death stories :

– Dog death after his owner Passed away:
my brother lives with a dog for quite 7 years, they were like twins, anywhere he goes to, he takes his god with him.

You will not believe me if I say that he takes his dog all the 7 years with him in his workplace!

he was a quiet person, don’t talk an excessive amount of, and he lived alone after his wife died.

You know, that death Doomed to us whether we Humans or Dogs, we’ll die at some point.

My phone rang, it had been my Brother, he shocked me with a nasty New, he was diagnosed by Cancer, and he won’t live long.

after a couple of months, he gave up the ghost.

The Thing which will cause you to cry about how the Dogs is Loyal is coming.

We attempt to take the Dog to a different home, he Refuses with all Possible ways we Tried, he even Started biting us.

then we decided we’ll give him water, food to him a day, what I’m reading on all Social media happened, he refused to eat and he was very exhausted, and after 3 days he also gave up the ghost.

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