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Surfing Vacations in the USA

When it comes to surfing in the USA, the waves can be hard to beat. This past week I went to the Southern California beaches to witness firsthand the power of America’s biggest surf competition. Over the years the competition has gotten harder and the water quality has become increasingly better. One lady surfing the waves in the US was blonde, thin, and athletic-looking with an almost gait problem. She seemed to be wispy and graceful but instead of being a powerful surfer, she seemed to be holding back a bit.


She hit up the local hotel for breakfast then heads out to the surf shop for a late-night meal but soon gets bored to near exhaustion just surfing the same spots over. Her ultimate USA surfing spot is Trestle in Southern California; this is where she prefers to stay most of the year. She normally spends her days there relaxing by the pool or at the beach. She even had a bit of pro surfing experience when surfing on the Crystal Palace Hotels in California, the same facilities that hosted the Olympics one year.

In the Santa Barbara Mountains, there are two great surfing locations. There is Windansea Beach, which has a great shore and is often used by locals to get to Santa Barbara. There is also Katella Beach which has some of the best breaks in Southern California. The surf at Katella is a little bit better than Windansea, but many surfers come from Windansea anyway. Here is my favorite USA beach photo courtesy of Kelly Geary:

Surf shops and surfing in Santa Barbara are great places for beginners to check out as well. Many shops feature beginner classes and they have some of the best surfboards and clothing in the area. One of the biggest trends in surfing now is women’s surfing as well. Many women have come to enjoy the beachside lifestyle as well as the waves found at the famous surfing breaks in Southern California. Here is my favorite USA beach photo of a woman surfing by Amy Waterman courtesy of Beach Photo. This woman is from British Columbia:

Another great surfing spot is Newport Beach in Southern California. Newport is a very popular surfing destination because of its close proximity to Los Angeles. Here is my favorite USA beach photo courtesy of Beach Photo: the beautiful outgoing couple. Here is the typical Newport Beach Surf Academy, with their trucks in tow. You will see many people paddling out into the channel and practicing their new skills. This is my favorite place to watch students practicing their new moves.

The next place I want to discuss is California’s San Diego beaches. There are tons of great surf cities in California including Coronado Beach, Ocean Beach, and Seaport Village. A few surfing vacation spots located near the beaches include Pacific Beach, Windansea Beach, and Gas Lamp District. A San Diego Surf Academy is also located near the Windansea Beach and Gas Lamp District in San Diego.

California has a plethora of surf schools, which makes it possible for surfers of all skill levels to learn how to get into the water. If you have never surfed before you will want to check out one of the many San Diego surf schools that can give you all the instruction you need to get started. My favorite surf school in Southern California is called “Beachside”. Here you will meet some very professional and skilled swimmers who will show you exactly what you need to know about getting into the ocean.

A few more places that are great places to check out are Santa Barbara in Southern California and La Jolla Cove in Southern California. There are also many famous surf breaks located near these popular beaches. You will find some amazing surf photo courtesy photographers that travel to these areas to catch the perfect wave. There are many beautiful beaches located near the coast of Southern California, including; Pacific Beach, Windansea Beach, and Gas Lamp District.

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